A Quiet Outlet

This young caregiver was having a difficult time and came to the realization that she needed to help herself in order to more fully and completely help her family, which included her husband and two young children. A Marine veteran, her husband did multiple deployments and is now dealing with visible and invisible wounds. After a long conversation with her, we discovered that she enjoyed sewing and quilting, which she said was a quiet outlet for her and a time that she could be alone, yet be productive, doing something that she loved. We researched and found a quilting machine that would meet her needs and allow her to pursue a hobby that otherwise, would be not be possible as they could not afford the cost of a proper quilting apparatus.

“Sharon, look what came today, my machine and I’ve been working with it. I started a Vincent Van Gogh quilt for my daughter with Starry Night fabric and I’m just enjoying the new machine!!”

We continued to work with the caregiver to see what else we might be able to do that would add to her quality of life. She indicated that she was interested in relaxation techniques and had heard about “float” sessions assisting other caregivers with relaxation techniques and experiences. We purchased 4 float sessions for this caregiver and her response was: “Oh boy!!! I’m going to be floating for sure. I can’t wait to try this out and I will definitely let you know how the experience is. I’m so excited to try this!!!! Woohoo .”

Last but not least, the caregiver mentioned that she had not had her hair professionally cut and styled in over two years so, as a parting gift, we purchased a gift certificate for her at a local salon for a cut/color/style.

It has been our pleasure to work with this positive and forward thinking caregiver! She now feels that she is in a better place to manage the needs and demands of her family and at the same time, devote the necessary time to herself.

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