Holiday Blessing

Join us as we look to have the sky covered in snowflakes of services! Our families come to us with a particular set of challenges. However, at this time of year, we recognize that it will not be long before the holidays will be upon them and many of their minds will race with ways to brighten the lives of their children and not disappoint the hearts of innocence and the eyes of youth. With that said, we are beginning our Holiday Blessings campaign and are asking you, our partners and friends, to consider making a donation that will not
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Back to School with Splunk

Education is one’s bedrock. Learning the 3 R’s are critical for a successful future. As we approach this time of year, many of us will fulfill school supply lists that have grown tremendously over the years. As teachers struggle to maintain the basic necessities in their classrooms, families are called upon to provide even more of their basic supplies but also supplies to be shared. Many of our families struggle with maintaining housing, basic utilities, transportation and clothing. The added pressure of mechanical pencils, multiple binders, and scientific calculators is too much to bear. Thanks to the generosity of Splunk,
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Renovating Hope Grant

Once again,  Renovating Hope offered Quality of Life Foundation a grant for caregivers to use specifically on themselves. Some caregivers chose to receive haircuts, manicures or massages, while others opted for tech gear, art classes or health care. Our thanks to Renovating Hope for giving these wounded veteran family caregivers a special treat and for their continued support of caregiving families!

Thank you, Rachel!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a warm farewell to our Executive Director, Rachel O’Hern. All of us at Quality of Life Foundation – staff and board members – are very grateful for her two years of outstanding leadership. She will continue her work with Quality of Life as a member of the Board of Directors. Although we will miss her, we wish her nothing but the best in this new chapter.

Farewell Kelsey!

  Another warm farewell to our intern, Kelsey! Kelsey has been at the Quality of Life Foundation for the past two summers helping with social media, developing the newsletter, research and communications. Kelsey is a rising senior and member of the field hockey team at Washington and Jefferson College where she is studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration. Thank you for all of your help during the past two summers!          

Super FSC Sharon Lavier

  Congratulations to our June Super FSC, Sharon LaVier!  Sharon recently worked with an Army veteran family of four struggling to manage the many demands of caregiving.  Sharon was able to coordinate camping equipment for some family recreation time, a deep home clean to help the caregiver hit ‘reset,’ home organization supplies to allow the family to build sustainable systems going forward, child care, extracurricular activities for a minor child, and mental health support.  Kudos to Sharon, “a really great advocate for caregivers, veterans, and children alike” in the words of a caregiver!  

Super FSC Traci Via

Congrats to Super FSC, Traci Via!   Traci recently worked with an Army veteran family struggling to keep up with the many demands that can come from caregiving.  After identifying specific needs and researching potential collaborating organizations, Traci was able to coordinate: * A new desktop computer from Tech for Troops * A new tempurpedic mattress to allow the couple to share a bed for the first time in months from Furnishing Hope * A life coach for the caregiver through Operation Family Caregiver * A jogging stroller purchased from our unmet needs fund   With only shipping costs and
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William H. Donner Foundation

With the support from the William H. Donner Foundation and the continuous hard work from our Family Support Coordinators (FSC), the Quality of Life Foundation has been able to help wounded veteran caregivers and their families meet their needs, whether that is through goods or services.

Did You Know?

Over 1,200 veterans who have sustained injuries that may prevent them from having children without medical assistance are not currently able to access fertility procedures such as in vitro fertilization from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  This benefit is only available through the Department of Defense to active duty families. We at Quality of Life Foundation, together with a coalition of fellow Veterans Service Organizations, have called upon the Senate to re-examine this policy in a joint letter, which you can view at You can also let your own Senator know you’d like action to be taken so our veterans can start a family at thanks to our
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5 Signs of Caregiver Stress… and How Quality of Life Foundation Helps Make a Difference

Fatigue; caregivers too easily find themselves constantly feeling tired and run down from the sheer volume of their many roles and responsibilities.     Anxiety; caregivers are constantly worrying about tomorrow, next week, and next month. The kids, the bills, the veteran.  The ‘what if’ list is never ending.     Social withdrawal; oftentimes caregivers feel as though ‘outsiders’ do not understand their life, and will skip hanging out with friends and social events and choose to stay home to avoid awkward explanations.     Health issues; many times standard preventative care like dental cleanings and wellness checks fall by
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