Doing it Alone – With a Little Help

Our military caregiver families are special. Oftentimes after multiple deployments and military moves, these families are accustomed to getting things done. They have mastered the art of negotiating difficult situations and there are few challenges that they are not ready to try to tackle on their own. Not to mention, the ability to take care of yourself, and secure your own quality of life, is fundamental to every persons’ feeling of completeness. For the most part, our caregiver families are doing it alone. Many come to the Quality of Life Foundation for support after years of trying to figure out
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Just Tell the Story

Our caregivers are often beset with incredible challenges. Many out of their control, and some like an act of God, as exhibited in the Texas, leave them at a total loss. But what do you do when it is not an act of God, and still out of your control, and it seems there is no way out that does not create more problems? Sometimes, you Just Tell the Story. This caregiver of six includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and four minor children.  The Veteran served in the Army and deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007.  As a result
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Buy Tickets to an Orioles Game and Support Wounded Veteran Families!

  Quality of Life Foundation Fundraiser Sunday, August 20th at 1:35 p.m. vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Kids Run the Bases (postgame) presented by Weis Markets (All fans 14 and under) Tuesday, September 19th at 7:05 p.m. vs. Boston Red Sox Orioles Knit Cap (All Fans) Friday, September 22nd at 7:05 p.m. vs. Tampa Bay Rays Fan Appreciation Weekend Fireworks (postgame) presented by Johns Hopkins Advantage MD Saturday, September 23rd at 7:05 p.m. vs. Tampa Bay Rays Fan Appreciation Weekend Orioles Hooded Sweatshirt (All Fans 15 and over) Pricing and availability vary by game. Pricing will be displayed within
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Collaboration for a Caregiving Family

Stuck Have you ever had to move something very heavy? You struggle vigorously against the weight of the object, and feel your body in motion, your legs sluggishly moving one in front of the other, only to stop and look around and realize you have barely moved at all? Now, imagine that feeling being your existence, every day, every step, just to move from one room to the other. This is sort of the feeling that our caregiver shared with us that their veteran experienced. Your mobility is forever changed when you return home from battle and find yourself confined to a
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Once the Uniform is Hung Up

A Reminder from a Caregiver Please do not forget. As these wars have carried on now for over a decade, the toll from these wars will continue on for a lifetime. Every veteran is different and their level of ability to function will vary. Demand these veterans get the care they so desperately need and deserve. Also, if you are blessed to know a caregiver or a veteran realize that while initial healing periods have passed, they are not completely healed most of the time. A dinner or an offer to go out together goes a long way. We often
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Month of the Military Caregiver

May – is the month of the Military Caregiver. It is incumbent upon all of us to remember these invisible heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our wounded, ill, and injured veterans, their families, and their communities. Oftentimes, it is the Caregiver who ensures that a veteran gets out of bed, gets to their doctors’ appointment, attends their counseling session, and is present for the parent/teacher conference or school performance. It is the Caregiver who completes the applications, claim forms, and appeals for benefits. It is the Caregiver who creates a new normal for their household, and
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The Patriots Initiative Accredits QoLF

After careful evaluation by The Patriots Initiative, Quality of Life Foundation is proud to announce that we have been determined to be one of finest nonprofits in the nation supporting America’s armed forces service members, veterans and their families. The Patriots Initiative is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading evaluators of nonprofits serving the nation’s armed forces communities, identifying those who have exceptional practices and performance, doing the most good for the families of the heroes that faithfully serve our country.  It’s a hard-earned recognition, and our organization is identified as one of the most promising in the country, doing the finest work that
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New Partnership-Same Impact

The DAV Charitable Service Trust (CST) recognizes the life altering impacts of multiple deployments on the veteran and their family. The CST is committed to supporting organizations and programs that provide direct service to ill, injured, or wounded veterans, of all wars and all eras, and their caregivers to support their physical and psychological rehabilitation—organizations like the Quality of Life Foundation. QoLF is fortunate to have been awarded a grant from the DAV Charitable Service Trust which allows us to continue to support those caregivers and families who willingly stay on the path of recovery with their veteran as they
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Veteran on His Recumbent Bike

Helping the Veteran Helps the Family

This veteran came to us to see if we could assist him with the purchase of a recumbent bike, as he very much wanted to engage in bike riding. He indicated that he had been trying to find funding for such an apparatus through other resources, but had been unsuccessful. Due to the cost of the bike, he could not afford to purchase one of his own. The veteran was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and because of his visible and invisible injuries, he has been unable to sustain employment. We asked the veteran to visit a local bike
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Green Pastures

For some, there is no better life than a farm life. For this caregiver family, farm life was perfect; perfect until their veteran was injured during several deployments to Iraq. After returning home with injuries, some of the chores were not as easy as they once were; the family needed better equipment to accomplish the same chores. Quality of Life Foundation was able to coordinate support from various veteran service organizations to contribute to the purchase of a tractor for the caregiver and family. Now, they are creating a new normal with the same old feeling: there is no better life than farm life.