Collaboration for a Caregiving Family


Have you ever had to move something very heavy? You struggle vigorously against the weight of the object, and feel your body in motion, your legs sluggishly moving one in front of the other, only to stop and look around and realize you have barely moved at all? Now, imagine that feeling being your existence, every day, every step, just to move from one room to the other.
This is sort of the feeling that our caregiver shared with us that their veteran experienced. Your mobility is forever changed when you return home from battle and find yourself confined to a wheelchair. Imagine daily having to move that wheelchair against the resistance of thick carpet. Yes, it was beautiful when it was installed, and you loved it, but now, it is yet another constant reminder that your world is not what it used to be, and now you have to figure out another way to maneuver, you have to figure out a new normal.

This caregiver and mother of five came to us in desperate need to redo the floors throughout their home to enable not only the veteran, but one of their children who requires the use of a walker, to better maneuver around the house after receiving a home through the Military Warrior Support Foundation. It was a daunting and expensive undertaking and would require the coordination and support of others.

QoLF, with funds from the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Help Our Wounded, coordinated with a local contractor to replace the carpeting with new flooring. It was a privilege to work with this caregiving family of seven to provide a space in which they can now move freely.

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