Just Tell the Story

Our caregivers are often beset with incredible challenges. Many out of their control, and some like an act of God, as exhibited in the Texas, leave them at a total loss. But what do you do when it is not an act of God, and still out of your control, and it seems there is no way out that does not create more problems?

Sometimes, you Just Tell the Story.

This caregiver of six includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and four minor children.  The Veteran served in the Army and deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007.  As a result of these difficult deployments, the Veteran has been diagnosed with PTSD, back issues, migraines, foot drop, and other health issues. These health issues are being compounded as the Veteran is losing feeling in both of his legs and now needs the assistance of a walker/wheelchair – he is receiving Tier 2 caregiver support from his spouse.

Things are financially draining for this family. The Veteran is currently receiving 90% VA disability but is waiting for a re-evaluation, and is awaiting an appeal as he is not receiving SSDI. But this did not stop the leak in the roof which began dripping through the ceiling in multiple areas throughout the house. The leak resulting in the 2 year old son not being able to be in his room, using a tarp to contain the water and just not turning on the lights for fear of an electrical fire. Several companies indicated that the leak could not be repaired or patched, but that the entire roof needed to be replaced. The repair estimates came in from $15,000 – $26,000.

So, as the adage goes, when it rains it pours, and it was definitely raining on this family.

Well, since the homeowner’s insurance indicated that the roof wouldn’t be covered because it wasn’t an “Act of God” the family had no choice but to wait out the storm. Living check to check, while they await additional benefits, until they would be able to figure something out to cover such a tremendous expense.

Adding insult to injury, there were few VSO options available to them, none of which presented total solutions, and one which would have made their situation much worse. From having to find an organization to donate all of the materials to another group requiring the family file an insurance claim- which the family had already been advised would be denied-and could result in an increased premium next year.

When all seemed lost, the Quality of Life Family Support Coordinator (FSC) did what we do always—we picked up the phone and began calling the VSO’s and the insurance company again. Met with no cooperation and much frustration, the FSC picked up the phone and called the local contractor who provided the initial quote.

The FSC – Just Told The Story.

Almost immediately, the contractor, E&E Siding, decided they would accept 38% of the original estimate of $15,572 and quickly set about to the repair the roof for this veteran caregiver family at a total cost of $6000.

In the end, it may have been raining and pouring for this family, but when the storm ended, there was a bright rainbow in the form of a generous supporter with a big heart.

The Quality of Life Foundation recognizes that the work we do is valuable and important and our service provision is what differentiates us from other VSO’s. This family would not have gotten the support they received had it not been for such a persistent FSC who believed no door was shut and all you had to do was Just Tell The Story.

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